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Safety: ASCA Ambulatory Surgery Regs

Content provided by: HealthStream Inc.

The Ambulatory Surgery Center Association (ASCA) is the national membership association that represents ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) and provides advocacy and resources to assist ASCs in delivering high quality, cost-effective ambulatory surgery to all the patients they serve.

Developed by leading Subject Matter Experts, the ASCA Ambulatory Surgery Center Regulatory Training Series is a collection of titles designed to train your staff on the most current standards of care. The library contains clinical and non clinical courses to help your organization improve competency, reduce risk, and maintain compliance. 

Regulatory compliance requirements can vary across healthcare organizations. Provision of information on regulatory standards in these courses does not certify that the courses wholly or partially address all respective guidelines, standards, and measures that affect a given organization. The HealthStream Regulatory library is intended to provide a foundation for mandatory clinical and non-clinical training to healthcare employees, however it is the responsibility of each organization to review all regulatory courses to determine how the information meets their respective needs. HealthStream makes no representations or warranties that any particular course fulfills the regulatory compliance requirement of any particular healthcare organization, as it is the organization’s responsibility to make such final determinations regarding regulatory compliance requirements.

Courses Included